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27 Jul 2017


American Society for Microbiology

Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) showcases significant discoveries in cellular morphology and function, genome organization, regulation of genetic expression, morphogenesis, and somatic cell genetics.

01 Nov 2017


SMBE: The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

Molecular Biology and Evolution publishes research at the interface of molecular (including genomics) and evolutionary biology.

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We consider manuscripts containing patterns, processes, and predictions at all levels of population, taxonomic, functional, and phenotypic organizations. In addition to fundamental discoveries of broader scope and impact, we are interested in publishing new and improved methods, resources, technologies, and theories that will significantly advance evolutionary research. We also publish balanced reviews of recent developments in genome evolution and forward-looking perspectives suggesting future directions in a field or application of molecular evolution.
14 Jul 2017


American Society for Cell Biology

Molecular Biology of the Cell reports the results of original research and presents conceptual advances of broad interest and significance,

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within all areas of cell biology, genetics, and developmental biology.
19 Jul 2017


American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Molecular Pharmacology welcomes manuscripts that provide novel insight into the molecular mechanisms of protein function, drug action, or selective toxicity.

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The Editors encourage submissions that are focused on a molecular and/or structural understanding of pharmacological topics. These may include studies on the structural basis of drug-protein interactions, the impact of receptor function on cell or system physiology, receptor-linked intracellular signaling systems, inter- and intracellular signaling pathways, enzyme or transporter function, ion channel function, transcriptional mechanisms, molecular mechanisms underlying important behaviors and/or disease, as well as the mechanisms of agonism, antagonism, and allosteric modulation. Studies that report the development of novel reagents or technologies that are of broad applicability, yield new molecular insights, or provide fundamental new mechanistic insights that are important for a given area of pharmacology are also encouraged. However, the journal does not typically publish manuscripts in which tool discovery or gene screening is the sole focus, or which provide only incremental advances over current understanding of a topic. Molecular Pharmacology also welcomes studies involving molecular or mathematical modeling relevant to drug design or drug action when they also include significant experimental data sets.
27 Jul 2017


American Society for Microbiology

mSphere® is a multi-disciplinary open-access journal that publishes high-quality work that makes fundamental contributions to any of the immense range of fields within the microbial sciences.