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Peer-edited journals sponsored by not-for-profit scientific societies provide authoritative venues for the publication of research results that are rooted in the scientific community. Join us and help us communicate the value of our “brand” of scholarly journals—run by scientists, for science.

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Requirements for Membership

Membership in the SSPA is certification that a society’s journals are:

  • Owned by a not-for-profit, mission-driven scientific society, which ensures:
    • Transparent, consistent governance by the scientific community.
    • Revenue from the journal is reinvested in the scientific community.
  • Peer-edited, which means:
    • Peers of the authors—well-regarded practicing scientists, recognized in their field, and appointed by their peers—handle and make all decisions on submitted mss.
    • Stewardship of scholarship is the primary editorial motivator.

For more information about the importance of joining the SSPA, please read our Press Release and Editorial further explaining the importance of submitting research to society journals.

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