Our Mission

The Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA) is dedicated to identifying and disseminating vital scientific research, by scientists for science. Our not-for-profit member societies provide authors with the opportunity to have their work validated by peers in a fair manner for publication in a prestigious journal managed by working scientists. By reinvesting in the community, the members of the SSPA are committed to delivering important discoveries worldwide.

Our Vision

Promoting discovery by publishing the best research for our scientific communities.

Our Story

A few years ago editors and publications directors from a number of scientific societies came together to discuss how to communicate the excellence and importance and uniqueness of our journals. Thus began a collaboration to promote our editorial principles, processes and practices, and to communicate the value of our journals. We affirmed our core values and our strengths, which include peer-editing, transparent community governance, advocacy for science, and our rich history of investing in scientists and science beyond publishing. We are working together to make our journals—run by scientists for science—the preferred venue for the presentation of the best work our fields have to offer.

SSPA members are concerned that the proliferation of perceived high-impact, for-profit journals—most of which are not rooted in the scientific community—is damaging science by diminishing the influence of active, practicing scientists in determining the trajectories of their disciplines. Our scientist-run, society-owned journals, which continue to be a mainstay of academic publishing, offer authoritative stewardship of the scientific literature, fair treatment of authors, and reinvestment in the scientific enterprise.

Publication of scientific studies is the product and the record of science. Academic publishing has long been rooted in scientific societies, whose members are the active scientists who edit and oversee some of the most well-established and highly-regarded journals. Our editors are respected practicing scientists—peers of the authors—who are authoritative stewards of the scientific record. Having scientific journals embedded in the scientific community enables their not-for-profit, mission-driven society publishers to foster the scientific enterprise by reinvesting in science.

In this era of proliferation of new platforms for scientific publishing and rapidly evolving means of assessing science and scientists, scholarly journals edited by practicing scientists and embedded in the scientific community are more important than ever. The Scientific Society Publisher Alliance promotes the principles and practices of our journals, which include peer-editing, publications integrity, transparent community governance, advocacy for science, and our rich history supporting scientists and science in ways beyond publishing.

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