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  • Publish what is important, not necessarily what is popular
  • Publish with a mission to serve the needs of our fields
  • Have authoritative peer-editing: practicing scientists are the key decision makers
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Submit your manuscripts to an SSPA journal for fair, fast and helpful decisions by editors.

Our editors are all practicing scientists. As authors themselves, they submit their own manuscripts for publication, so they understand what it takes to tell a story worthy of publication in a prestigious journal. They are aware of the importance for timely decisions on manuscripts. They know from experience how reviewers and editors help authors improve manuscripts, but they have reasonable expectations of authors. Our peer-editors follow the editors’ golden rule: do unto authors as you would have editors do unto you.

You have many choices of journals for submission of your work. Why not choose a journal edited by your colleagues? They recognize a significant advance. They care about the integrity of the scientific literature. They are on your side.

Why not choose a journal owned by a not-for-profit society? They invest and reinvest in our scientific community. They rally support for science. They support scientists’ career-development.

Support science while promoting your science by publishing your best work in an SSPA journal. Read more about the importance of publishing in society journals here.

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Submit your manuscripts for publication to an SSPA journal for fair, fast and helpful editorial service! Our society-owned, not-for-profit journals are reviewed, edited, and led by practicing scientists.

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